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SmartBrix From Bondada Ecobuild

Bondada Ecobuild SmartBrix products are known for their exceptional dimensional accuracy. These blocks are created using cutting-edge automated technology. SmartBrix is perfect for fast and cost-effective construction projects also.


SmartFix From Bondada Ecobuild

SmartFix Block Bond is renowned for its exceptional durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.The strength and weather resistance of walls depend on the quality of the jointing mortar. This is an excellent alternative to traditional cement and sand mortar. This product is highly effective for the installation of various construction materials such as fly ash bricks, cement blocks, hollow blocks, AAC blocks, pre-stressed concrete slabs, panels, parapets, cement windows, large door frames, and boundary walls.


SmartPlast From Bondada Ecobuild

SmartPlast offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional plastering. The pre-mixed special aggregates are carefully formulated to provide exceptional bonding strength and ensure easy application. This exceptional formulation not only enhances the durability of walls, but also safeguards valuable paints against the harmful effects of moisture or dampness.


SmartCare  From Bondada Ecobuild

SmartCare offers high-quality white cement-based wall putty. for both interior and exterior applications. This wall putty is a high-quality, cement-based polymer-modified product that is designed to provide a smooth and flawless finish on plastered surfaces. It effectively covers any imperfections or pinholes, ensuring that your walls and ceilings are perfectly prepared for painting. This white colour makes it suitable as a base coat for painting purposes.


AluRise From Bondada Ecobuild

At AluRise, we provide a wide selection of high-quality aluminium window designs, including casement, tilt and turn, and sliding windows. Our goal is to offer our customers the perfect designs to meet their specific needs. AluRise windows have slimmer frames and widths, resulting in a larger glass area that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space. Aluminium is highly favoured by architects who value durability, high performance, aesthetics, and long-term cost-effectiveness.


truVU uPVC Profiles, Windows & Doors

Bondada Ecobuild truVU

uPVC Profiles, Windows & Doors
stand out as the preferred products in India. We specialise in manufacturing high-quality uPVC doors and windows. Our uPVC window and door solutions have adaptable features like as tilt-and-turn technology and sliding mosquito screens, which enhance both utility and aesthetic appeal. Customised solutions need exact measurements, which result in high-quality manufacture. These systems may be implemented fast and need minimal maintenance.

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In addition to creating stylish products that improve your home, we also offer a bespoke service. In order to deliver a high-quality product, our expert teams handle every step of the process, beginning with design consultation, to manufacturing and installation.
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In addition to creating stylish products that improve your home, we also offer a bespoke service.
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We offer a wide variety of doors.

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We offer a wide variety of doors .

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We offer a wide variety of doors & windows, with a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from.